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Green Board
Our mission:
To help you achieve zero net impact on the planet

Understand the new European regulations and directives: CSRD, CSDD, CAMF, Eco-design, SSbd

Help you to remain competitive in the market!



Be ready !


ESG reporting

Do you want to understand your company's performance in terms of ESG (environmental, social and governance)? 

We are ESG2GO¹ certified and B Corporation² trained to guide you through the complexities of ESG assessment and reporting.


European Green Deal

The European Green Deal has already produced several directives and regulations (CBAM³, CSRD⁴, CSDD⁵, ESPD⁶...) which will have an impact on companies, directly or indirectly, whether they are based in Europe or not.


Safe and sustainable chemicals by design

Companies had to manage REACH, CLP/GHS, risk assessment, sustainability, life cycle analysis... Now, with the SSbd⁷ proposal, all these aspects will have to be taken into account during the development phase. design or to identify new, safer and more sustainable alternatives.


Decarbonization Strategy

Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 90% compared to 1990 levels by 2040.  Therefore, all players must implement ambitious decarbonization strategies as soon as possible.  It starts with understanding your own carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3),


Environmental Display and Eco-Labels

Ecolabels (EU Flower, Nordic Swan, Bleu Angel, etc.) and environmental display projects are multiplying and becoming more and more complicated to obtain. The method recommended by the European Commission (the PEF - Product Environmental Footprint), includes more than 16 impact categories ranging from climate impact, to that of the occupation of space, or even chemical substances on health of man and ecosystems.

I offer

1 hour free consultation

to answer all your questions


Net-Zero Impact aims to carry out missions and support that result in real, significant and measurable impacts. We favor a global and equitable approach, particularly by taking into consideration the specific needs of emerging countries. We offer:    


  • Consulting, training and support in the field of energy transition, decarbonization, investment in carbon capture solutions (technological and natural), achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of Nations (SDG) and environmental clean-up in order to restore the health of human populations and ecosystems.


  • Consulting services aimed at preparing economic players for existing and future regulations, aimed at achieving the objectives of the Paris agreements, the European Commission (EU Green Deal) and national initiatives. 


  • Services aimed at defining or consolidating the SDG strategies of economic actors, while strengthening the credibility, understanding and relevance of the actions implemented.

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